New on VGR: proof badges

Issued by BlackShark

   Are you a badges hunter for your profile?
   New badges just made their appearance: ''proof'' badges. They reward users with the most of proved scores. Five members now have the ultimate badge of 10,000 proved scores, will you be the next?
   Don't hesitate to prove your scores to show your opponents the extent of your talent on your favorite games!


08/01/2014 19:47
go for 10k proof's
09/01/2014 01:15
I like your enthusiasm Sol-Solo. You are again far away of 10 000 prooves. Good luck for to find the motivation!
09/01/2014 04:49
I'm playing on it
09/01/2014 15:19
What's up with the obtained since date of the badge?
It says I got my 20 proof badge almost 2 weeks later than my 750 proof badge.
09/01/2014 18:16
Merci pour cette amélioration, mais j'ai constaté un bug sur mon profil.
09/01/2014 19:20
@tomgeek : Plus précis ?

@Smoka : I tried to detect when you were supposed to own your badges based on speculative datas... Some results are totally wrong, and that's your case. That's also mine and maybe other members too.
I'll work to find a better calculation
10/01/2014 09:23
10/01/2014 10:41
@niconoe When we can't know for sure the date, isn't it better to just use the date of the launch of the badges ?  
11/01/2014 02:12
@kloh, yes, it should. I'll do that soon