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You can support Video Games Records by making a donation to the association.
Your donations will help us to continue to pay costs for the website, actually the hosting.

How to do this ?
We chose to use PayPal, because of its simplicity and security.
There is so just one condition to respect : you need to have a PayPal account.

If that condition is checked, you just need to click on the Next button, and to follow step by step like below :
Don Paypal - Etape 1

After clicking on that button, you get this page :

1. Take the value of your donation.
2. Click on "Recalculer le total" button.
3. Log-in to your account.

Once you are connected, you are sent on a webpage summing up information for your donation and your personal informations :
Don Paypal - Etape 2

4. Check if informations are correct.
5. If everything is ok, click on "Faire un don de xx EUR".

You are now on a webpage confirming your donation.
Don Paypal - Etape 3

You can print the aknowlegement of receipt of donation to keep mark.

All VGR Team thanks you for your gesture!

Thanks to them...

  • G.Stéphane
  • P.Luc