What is VGR?

VGR (or Video Games Records) is a website where you can post your video games records, whatever there is on computer or on game console.
Everyone posts his own records. A ranking is made to tell who is the best depending on the number of pointsRecords he will have got according to his rank, and number of first place got (the gold medals).

I want to send my scores!

How to post a record?
Click the main tab "Games": the website display a list of all available games.
Choose the game where you'll post your records. (If your game is not in the list, please read How to propose a new game?).
You can also search your game by using the "Search" part on the site.
This new page is the page of your game records. Click on a record's group (ex: Best Time) and then, on the level at which you want to add your record.
You arrive on a page with lots of nicknames and scores, time or others. Click the "Submit my scores" button and then write the records in the proper proportions (if a score is requested, do not type 1:15.86).
Confirm your record and you are already ranked!

To submit multiple records simultaneously, simply click on the group of records and then click the "Submit my scores" button. You will then enter your scores in the same way as for a single record. You must fill in the fields you have score for, and let the others blank. Once done, click "send" button and your scores will be ranked.

Damn! I made a mistake by writing my score!

How to edit a record?
If you make a mistake or if you have improved your record, you can edit it by going on the record (like to post it) and then click "Edit or prove my record."
Your record will then be edited and classified instantly!
You can also edit multiple records at the same time by clicking on "Submit my scores"

Well, well I don't think the first player's score is true!

How to ask a proof?
To ask a proof on a record, go to the same page on which you can edit or post a new record and to the right of the odd record, click on the little gray square. Then justify your asking for proof and send it!
To avoid spamming, you can only ask five proofs a day.

The little gray square can take the following colors:
Grey: neither proof or ask have been sent.
Blue: a proof sent voluntarily is under investigation by an admin.
Orange: an ask for proof is under investigation by an admin.
Yellow: a proof, sent following an ask for proof, is under investigation by an admin.
Red: an ask for proof is validated by an admin, it is sent to the member who has 14 days to prove his record.
Green: the record is proven; you can click on the icon at the right of the little green square to see the proof.
Black: the 14 days delay to answer to an ask for proof is over: the record is deactivated.

My record is deactivated!

How reactivate a record?
To reactivate a record, it is easy, you need to send a valid proof.
You can read the next paragraph if you don't know how to prove a record.

Nobody will believe me, I have to prove this record!

How to prove my record?
This takes the form of a button "edit/prove my record" similar to post a record or by clicking on the green "+", and is displayed on the pages where you have already posted a record.
You will arrive on a page where you can choose between a photo proof (type *.jpg - 250kb max) or video

- To save the photo in *.jpg:
To put it in *.jpg is simple: open the picture and then click File -> Save As and select the *.jpg format for recording.

- To proof with a video:
The new video system is in beta version, currently you can't prove a record with a video :(.

Hum, did I not send a score one month ago?

Why my record disappears?
Following to an asking proof, if the member has not proved his record within the two weeks allowed, his score will be considered invalid and will be deactivated. However, this will not prevent you from posting another score, but now it must be necessarily accompanied by a proof.

There're lots of games, but not mine!

How to propose a new game?
First, make sure that the game you are asking is not already on the site, this will avert a waste of time for everyone.
If it is not in the site, go on forum, in Suggestion's topic in Record's group, read the rules to understand what the formatting of the presentation of the new game (feel free to watch the presentation of other people for examples).
Once you made you ask, adders, designers, translators and editors work to add your new game on the site.
Games are added with a one by day rhythm, sometimes more. It depends on number of games that are in waiting to be added.

Explanations about the point system

On VGR, there are two kinds of point:

- The Records Points:
They are points you win when you have a record on a game. The algorithm developed works like this: the 1st win 100 * number of posts at this record, the 2nd 80% from the 1st, the 3rd 80% from the 2nd, the 4th 81% from the 3rd and repeatedly by incrementing the percentage every two positions.
Perhaps these points will give you a place in the top 100 players having the most points, even the top 5 at home page!

- The VGR Points:
Secretly, you win them and they are not usable at the moment, but it's coming.
You can see the number of VGR points you have by clicking on your avatar in your own bar at the top of the site.

What are badges?

There are 5 kinds of badges:

- SpecialBadges: given by webmaster or an administrator if they think you have really help the site and you'll be able to continue to do it.
In SpecialBadges, you have the member badge, won during your first connection to the site.

- MasterBadges: given automatically when you are the first in a general ranking of a game.
MasterBadges can be lost just by becoming the second in a general ranking.

- RecordBadges: given when you post 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2500, 5000, 7500 or 10000 records on the site.

- ForumBadges: given when you post 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2500, 5000, 7500 or 10000 messages on the site.

- ConnectionBadges: given for every connection on the site, where only one connection is counting a day (5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 350, 500, 750, 1000).

You can see your badges by clicking on the link "My profile" in your personnel area, at the top on the right of the site.

Forum rules

As you know in all forums, you have to:
- Read rules, if there are, in each category.
- Clearly explain what you want. Use your real language and not an "SMS" language.
- Avoid double, triple or more posts in the forum.
- Edit your post instead of rewriting a new one.
- Respect other and do not write insults or shocking words.

NOTE: The Video Games Records association refuses to admit its liability for messages, images or videos posted on the forum, if it said that would be pornographic, pedophile, zoophile, racist, or others may face the sensitivity of people. In case of messages, pictures or videos posted, the moderators will be tasked to remove the message and apply a severe punishment to the post editor.

Be cool and clear your mouth!

NB: The Video Games Records Association refuses to admit its liability for the pornographic, pedophile, zoophile, or others that may offend the sensibilities of people messages, pictures or videos posted on the forum or all every part of VGR site. In case of messages, images, or videos posted, the moderators will apply a severe punishment to the post editor.

My nickname does not look like to me

Is it possible to change my nickname?
Of course, it is possible to change your nickname but only for a good reason. Actually, changing your nickname include to make big calculations of lots of website data. That's why to change your nickname, you have to contact by PM a webmaster in order to explain reasons of this modification.