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Article 1

Registration information must be true. Therefore the moderators can contact a member for a particular reason.

Article 2

To be valid, a record should be provable and should exactly correspond at the score displayed by the proof. No conversion allowed.

Article 3

You are not required to provide a proof of your record when you submit it. However, any member at any moment can ask you for a proof. That's why we encourage you to prove them at their submission.

Article 4

After a proof has been requested of a record, the member has 2 weeks to provide a proof for the record. If he doesn't prove, the record will be deactivated.

Article 5

The following things are prohibited:

  •  - Cheat-codes
  •  - Action Replay
  •  - A record must be completed without using a continue
  •  - Multiple players
  •  - Emulators
  •  - Non-official downloads of vehicles or upgraded characters
  •  - Any non official pads or equipments
  •  - Modification of the game's code
  •  - Several persons on the same account
  •  - An offensive content (pornography, racism, etc...) and this, in all media.
 By checking this square, I accept the rules of the site and I commit myself to respect all rules included.


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In accordance with the data-processing law of 6th Jan 1978, you have the right to access and correct personal information about you. If you wish to exercise this right and obtain information about you, please contact the webmaster via the contact page.