Our affiliates

Here is the list of all affiliates of Video Games Records.

We have three kind of affiliates :

  • - Favorites affiliates : they are websites with which we have a relationship more important than a simple links trade. This include service trading or sponsoring.
  • - Generals affiliates : they are websites with which we just have a simple links trade. Those who shows us on all pages of their website are display on all of our pages at the bottom of the website. Others are showed on this page.
  • - Finally, dedicated affiliates are website dedicated at a game or a game series that we display on all pages concerning the game (records, previews, videos, ...). The trade allows the affiliate's website to add in its menus a link "Records" going to the record's page of the game.

Become affiliates

Are you intersted in a link trade or a bigger affiliation? So, write-us
Under reserve your website will be accepted, the affiliation's basement consist on display a link to your website in the affiliates list visibled on this page. However, we accept bigger propositions like showing advertisements during an events organised on an affiliate website for exemple.
You will found below our different banners, to display on your website (free format chosen). If you prefered show banners with another tall, please contact-us and we will give you the banners you want.

88 x 31 buttons

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