Article 1

Registration information must be true. Therefore the moderators can contact a member for a particular reason.

Article 2

To be valid, a record should be provable and should exactly correspond at the score displayed by the proof. No conversion allowed.

Article 3

You are not required to provide a proof of your record when you submit it. However, any member at any moment can ask you for a proof. That's why we encourage you to prove them at their submission.

Article 4

After a proof has been requested of a record, the member has 2 weeks to provide a proof for the record. If he doesn't prove, the record will be deactivated.

Article 5

The following things are prohibited:

  •  - Cheat-codes
  •  - Action Replay
  •  - A record must be completed without using a continue
  •  - Multiple players
  •  - Emulators
  •  - Non-official downloads of vehicles or upgraded characters
  •  - Any non official pads or equipments
  •  - Modification of the game's code
  •  - Several persons on the same account
  •  - An offensive content (pornography, racism, etc...) and this, in all media.